CHICAGO — Calumet Fisheries has been closed by the Chicago Department of Public Health due to failed health inspections.

The Chicago institution, located at 3259 E. 95th St. in front of the Calumet River, is known for smoking its own fish.

According to public health data, the health officials visited the restaurant on Oct. 31 and found numerous violations, including dead mice and rodent droppings.

Around 400 mice and rat droppings were found in several areas of the restaurant, data shows.

Dead and decaying mice were found at the motors of the front-display coolers in addition to several other violations, data shows.

Health officials conducted another inspection on Nov. 6 where around 150 mice and rat droppings were discovered in the storage area and other areas, according to data.

The City has closed Calumet Fisheries for the time being as a result of the violations.

WGN News requested comment from Calumet Fisheries and have not heard back at this time.