PORTAGE, Ind. — Rescue operations were underway after authorities say a man who crashed days ago was found injured beneath a bridge along I-94 in Northwest Indiana on Tuesday afternoon.

Emergency crews were called to the scene at 3:45 p.m. after two men found the vehicle while scouting for fishing locations near Salt Creek beneath the bridge.

According to Indiana State Police, Nivardo Delatorre and his father-in-law Mario Garcia were walking near the creek when they spotted the crashed vehicle partially in the creek.

The men said the crashed vehicle sparked their curiosity, so one of them went to look inside and found the body of a man inside.

One of the men said they reached out to touch the trapped driver, who then turned around and relayed to them that he had crashed last Wednesday and was trapped inside the vehicle, unable to reach his cell phone to call for help.

Emergency crews were able to extricate the driver from the vehicle, but police say he suffered potentially life-threatening injuries in the crash and was transported to the hospital via medical helicopter.

Authorities held a press conference on Tuesday evening to provide an update on the rescue. The full press conference can be viewed in the video player above.

“Quite frankly, it’s a miracle that he’s alive. In this weather, we’ve been lucky enough here this Christmas season, that our temperatures have been, as you all know, above normal.” Sgt. Glen Fifield said during a press conference on Tuesday evening. “So that was working in this individual’s favor'”

Authorities have not yet identified the victim but said he is a man in his late 20s from the Southbend area.

Officers say the crash unfolded in a way that left the vehicle out of sight for drivers who would have been passing by.

Police say it is currently unclear what led to the crash and added that there had not been any reports of crashes in the area over the past week