CHICAGO — Chicago police on Thursday honored a brave little girl who the department says displayed “exceptional valor and resilience” after a vehicle struck her mother.

Recounting the events of Dec. 19 at Francis Xavier Warde School in the West Loop, Jessica Jones said she couldn’t remember much about the collision at the intersection of Madison and Des Plaines.

Jones’ daughter, Reese, was with her when the incident occurred.

“She really impressed me in more ways than one after the accident,” Jessica Jones said.

CPD Officer Danny Estrada and his partner Jose Arroyo encountered the unconscious Jessica Jones.

“(Reese’s) mother was on the ground and at the time, we didn’t know what her full injuries were,” Estrada said.

“It’s very important to get help from the community with anything,” Arroyo added.

Though visibly frightened by the sight of a vehicle colliding with her mother, witnesses say Reese composed herself and calmly provided vital information to police and arriving paramedics, such as her mother’s birthdate, address, cell phone number and family contacts.

That vital information helped speed up the emergency response, police said.

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“To know that my 7-year-old was able to provide such detailed information, I’m in awe of my daughter,” Jessica Jones said.

For her quick thinking, Reese was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation. Officers Estrada and Arroyo were also recognized, receiving an Honorable Mention Award for immediately providing first aid until paramedics arrived. 

The remarkable team effort was a teachable moment at Francis Xavier Warde School. CPD shared with students the importance of knowing how to call 911 in an emergency and give dispatchers an address in a clear voice.

Jessica Jones and Francis Xavier Warde School students were grateful for the safety lessons.

“I think the way Chicago police showed up here in such a big way is so inspiring,” Jones said. “They were so great with the kids.”