Tom Skilling, WGN’s Chief Meteorologist and beloved weatherman of Chicago, is retiring after 45 years on the air at WGN.

His celebrated career has included countless memorable moments as well as historic weather events. He’s mentored many and inspired many unique tributes.

His last official day at WGN is, in true Skilling-form, eventful and surprising and still full of weather.

Join us as we congratulate Tom and honor him on his last day.

The Musician of Meteorology: Celebrating Tom Skilling’s love of music

There may be something else that comes close to Tom Skilling’s love of weather: music.

Celebrating Skilling: Pics from viewers help wish Tom ‘A Happy Retirement’

For years, Tom has shown thousands of weather pictures sent in by viewers from across the globe. It’s only fitting that we send Tom off to retirement in style, with some photos from viewers wishing him well!

Argonne National Laboratory gifts special honor to Tom Skilling

Seth Darling, the chief science and technology officer for the Advanced Energy Technologies Directorate, offered a special message and a special honor for Skilling’s last official day at WGN.

‘What a great gift’: Skilling gifted a custom chair in celebration of his retirement

After 45 years at WGN, the good people at Walter E. Smithe Furniture think Tom Skilling deserves to take it easy!

SEE MORE: Sit back and relax, Tom! Walter E Smithe gifts Skilling a custom chair

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