CHICAGO — The one-time chief of staff to former Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan has been sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Tim Mapes, 69, was found guilty of perjury and attempted obstruction of justice. The one-time Illinois House clerk and executive director of the Illinois Democratic Party was once known in Springfield as the gatekeeper to Madigan. The key holder to power. 

The case centered around Mapes’ testimony to a grand jury in July 2021 related to the political corruption investigation of Madigan. The Justice Department granted immunity to Mapes in that testimony — so long as he told the truth. 

The jury found Mapes instead lied in a series of ‘I don’t recall’ answers to questions about orders Madigan gave to his longtime friend and ComEd lobbyist, Michael McClain.

Last year, McClain was found guilty, along with three others, in a conspiracy to funnel payments from ComEd to Madigan associates. Meanwhile, the former speaker faces his own trial in October. 

In a prepared speech, Mapes told the judge he was a humbled man, adding that he accepts “that the outcome of this case means it is possible I will have to serve time away from my family.”

The judge also said to Mapes: “This is a sad case because I don’t understand why you did what you did. You were immunized in the grand jury and all you had to do was go in there and tell the truth.”

Tim Mapes has 14 days to file an appeal. He will need to surrender to federal authorities to begin his sentence on June 11.