CHICAGO  — Jurors on Tuesday convicted the man charged with killing Chicago Police Officer Ella French and attempting to kill her partner.

The Cook County Criminal Courthouse was the scene as Emonte Morgan was convicted of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder following the deadly August 2021 shooting.

French’s partner, Officer Carlos Yanez, provided crucial testimony amid the nearly two-week-long trial. Yanez suffered four bullet wounds to his face and head and one to the shoulder, resulting in the loss of an eye.

While defense attorneys say Morgan never intended to kill anyone, Assistant State’s Attorney Emily Stevens told jurors during closing arguments that there’s no doubt about the accused gunman’s intent. 

“He pointed that gun and fired shot after shot after shot,” Stevens argued, “into the heads of Officer French and Officer Yanez.”

Prosecutors also pointed to testimony that both French and Yanez’ service weapons were never deployed or removed from their duty belts.

“Carlos has no weapons in his hand,” Stevens said. “All he has are a pair of handcuffs, grabbing onto the defendant’s arms and hands. And all along, Morgan is going for that gun in his waistband.”

The murder weapon, which Cook County prosecutors said was a fully loaded .22 caliber handgun, was later recovered, along with an extra magazine of bullets.    

Lawyers with the Public Defenders Office argued that Morgan didn’t intend to kill French when police pulled him over.

“That’s what Emonte was doing that night,” public defender Jennifer Hodel told the jury. “He didn’t know what was going to happen. ‘What are we doing wrong?’ he wondered. ‘We’re not breaking any laws.'”

Morgan’s mother, Evaleena Flores, accused prosecutors of withholding portions of the bodycam video shown to jurors to assure a conviction.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you’re witnessing the biggest cover-up in Chicago history,” Flores said.

But John Catanzara, head of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police, scoffed at what he called unfounded allegations, saying, “When you don’t have a defense, you almost have to create one out of thin air and that’s what they’ve been trying to do for over a week now.”

As of 6 p.m. Tuesday, jurors had not yet returned a verdict.

If convicted, the now 23-year-old Morgan could face up to life in prison.