CHICAGO — In this day and age, your cellphone holds a lot of information about your life, including your finances. Investigators are sharing video of a new crime trend being used to get access to your hard-earned cash.

Five robbery incidents have been reported within a month, all about a block away from each other, in the Gold Coast neighborhood.

The crimes follow a similar pattern where multiple suspects approach victims on the street and engage them in conversation before the suspects take the victim’s cellphone and/or wallets by force, or deception. The suspects then run away with their belongings and use the victims’ banking apps to transfer money.

“I use it for everything,” said Lilah Shrier, a Gold Coast resident, about her cell phone. “Passwords are on there, all my information. If it got stolen, it would be pretty severe.”

Cyber security experts said some of the best ways to protect yourself is to make sure you have multi-factor authorization set on your devices and staying on top of security updates.

“The reason they provide it, is because you need it not because it’s a function they thought would be cool,” said cyber security expert Jerry Irvine. “It’s things [like this] that have occurred that made the company say, ‘We need that for our users.‘”

Irvine also said cell phone users can set limits on the amount of money allowed to be transferred out of your banking apps.

The Chicago Police Department asks that if you recognize the men in the surveillance video above, to contact police by submitting a tip online to