After every election, winners and losers account for what has been won and lost. This year, millions of Americans feel like the Republic has been ‘saved’ from the ‘orange bad man.’  While, millions of other Americans feel like the country will soon be ‘lost’ to ‘sleepy Joe.’  These irreconcilable perspectives are largely built on self-delusion and tribalism.

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smile for the spotlight

Loving the Spotlight

Oppression Technique



In Peachment

A woman sits on a couch wrapped in a blanket with a cat at her side, her apartment filled with plants. Her phone, on the coffee table in front of her, is on speakerphone. From it comes a voice asking about how the woman will discuss work, a career, the future, and bills to be paid without a roommate. The caption reads "silence of the plants."

Silence of the Plants


How the Navajo Nation helped Joe Biden win Arizona

Navajo Nation boy in Arizona
While analysts show that Arizona’s changing demographics played a role in the election’s outcome, data also points to the role of the Navajo Nation in pushing the state blue.

Why Trump Will (Again) Win More of the Minority Vote than Expected

Stickers for those who casted their vote
Four years ago I noted that more of the minority vote were for Trump than analysts assumed. This year, that trend will continue.

Youth in Action: Ninotska

Ninotska answers questions about her role as a activist for the LGBTQ+ community and specifically transgender and gender non-coforming individuals.

Police vs. Confinement in France: Will Covid-19 or Officers Kill You First?

Police in France: “Here France drowned Algerians,’’ Pont St Michel in Paris (from: Décolonial News)
The cases of police brutality in both the United States and France during the pandemic are not a coincidence; despite some differences, both systems work --and are meant to work-- very similarly.