Anna Ellison

Anna Ellison
Anna Ellison is a senior at the University of Richmond. She is an Arabic and International Studies major with a concentration in Global Diplomacy and Politics and has spent time in Jordan learning Arabic.

White Feminism and the Limits of Girl Power

Now, in the third wave of feminism (or fourth depending on who you ask) we, as feminists, as humanists, as activists, must take a stand for women everywhere, not just white, western women. The world we live in was constructed to benefit white men and therefore there is undeniable privilege in being both white and being male. But what about white...

Al Quds Day in Chicago 2016

July 1st marked the last Friday of Ramadan and International Al-Quds Day. At Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago, hundreds of protesters of all ages and religions turned out to stand with the people of Palestine and in opposition to the Israeli Occupation. The interfaith aspect of the day was apparent, as Hasidic Jews, Christians, and atheists turned up to...

Saudi Coalition, the UN, and Killing Children in Yemen

The UN has recently come under criticism after a Saudi-led military coalition was removed from a “blacklist” of groups violating children’s rights in armed conflicts. Before being taken off the list, the UN report cited that the coalition was responsible for 60% of the 1,953 children killed or maimed in the conflict in Yemen in 2015. Seventy-two hours after the...

Politicization of Learning Arabic

When people find out that I am an Arabic major, the conversation quickly dips into possible career tracks in the FBI, the CIA, and the Foreign Service. I did not start my degree with the intention of working for the government or involving myself in politics. Three years later, I still hold this to be true. But when I...

Kenya Set to Close Largest Refugee Camp in the World

The world celebrated International Refugee Day on June 20, almost a month after Kenya announced its plans to close the largest refugee camp in the world. Dadaab, home to at least 340,000 refugees, most of whom are from Somalia, is scheduled to close by November. The camp is located near the border Kenya shares with Somalia. The camp has...

Syria – The Future of Proxy Wars?

The situation in Syria has been a proxy war almost from the very beginning. Conflicts in the past have been characterized as proxy wars if the conflict is between foreign powers but takes place on third party soil using third party civilians to fight. The situation in Syria fits this definition similar to the proxy wars waged by the...




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