Asmah Daoud

Asmah Daoud
Asmah studies at Roosevelt University and majors in Political Science with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She is a planning committee member of a student activist organization called RISE, where she is an avid volunteer for local campaigns and organizes events and actions around Chicago. She loves tea, all kinds of flowers, and in her free time she likes to ride her bike. As a Palestinian and a feminist, she is thrilled to contribute her unique perspective on political issues and civic relations.

Snapchat Highlights Tel Aviv on Gaza Attack Anniversary

After Israel recently electing a government that has been described by Al Jazeera News as “the most extremist in the country’s history," the Israeli attack on Gaza last summer, killing 2,139 Palestinians, reached its first year anniversary on July 8th.  The current elected government of Israel includes members that want “a full- scale invasion and reoccupation of Gaza to...

Salaam Prevails in the Aftermath of the Anti-Islam Protest in Phoenix

An organized protest broke out in front of an Islamic Community Center in Phoenix, Arizona on May 29 with protesters donning shirts that said “F*CK ISLAM!” and spewing violent slurs against Muslims during an afternoon Friday prayer service. Islamophobes dressed as “bikers” rallied with roughly 250 people and also held a drawing contest of the Prophet Mohammad. The head...




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