Brittany Moore

Brittany Moore
Brittany is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Marketing at Lewis University. She previously served as an Executive Management Assistant, Area Manager, and University Staff.

Gun debate, take two: The U.S. vs. the rest

I recently gave attention to the hot topic issue of gun control, and the policies and ideas for reformation. This matter will not fade quickly and continues to make headlines, and lawmakers are staying in constant debate trying to give some kind of ease of mind to American citizens without treading on the longstanding right to possess guns.It is...

Prevent gun-related tragedies by preventing violence

Many have opinions on the possibilities of how to implement gun restrictions in the U.S. while many others, including lawmakers, remain silent and at a standstill. Sure, everyone has his or her opinions on the matter, but can we really define a clear-cut line that will help diminish the rising gun violence that exists today?The most recent tragedy of...

Drone wars vs. video games: Are they one in the same?

We are now in an age where technology is growing at a substantial rate and we are incorporating it more into our daily activities. Technology also has had an immense impact on the way we wage war, allowing soldiers to become even craftier fighters. Some researchers and political leaders say that drone planes are the face of new war...

Pre-emptive counterterrorism: A shot in the dark

Recent counterterrorism efforts conducted by the FBI leave many wondering about the state of our nation’s security. Within the past year, FBI officials have produced a new method for stopping terrorist attacks: picking out the “terrorists” themselves.A string of operations which provokes young individuals to commit criminal and premeditated terrorist attacks on innocent people. By giving them the tools they need...

Deepa Kumar hits the nail on the head regarding Muslim protests

In her recent article, Cutting through the anti-Muslim propaganda, Deepa Kumar highlights the information that failed to be mentioned in mainstream media, while providing relevant points of clarity.Kumar makes it clear that there are other reasons for the small protests that took place across the “Muslim world” in response to the anti-Muslim video “The Innocence of Muslims.” She notes...

The blurry line between freedom of speech and hate speech

While many events over the past few weeks have spurred protests, there have also been ongoing negative depictions of Muslims in the form of the distasteful “Innocence of Muslims” video and a French magazine’s demeaning cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.If there was a question before about if Islamophobia was real or not, recent explosions of anti-Islamic distortions give a...

The Not So Innocent

There is no doubt that the short film entitled “The Innocence of Muslims” left a bitter taste in the mouths of Muslims, American Muslims, and every other reasonable person worldwide. There are still many debates as to who was behind it and what its direct purpose was, but the gauche representation and false depictions succeeded to outrage, confuse, and...

AFDI ad campaign: Another toxic initiative

"IN ANY WAR BETWEEN THE CIVILIZED MAN AND THE SAVAGE, SUPPORT THE CIVILIZED MAN. ✡ SUPPORT ISRAEL ✡ DEFEAT JIHAD"This message was displayed on buses throughout the San Francisco metropolitan area in the form of pro-Israel advertisements, which caused some disturbance among the neighborhood spreading nation wide. The infamous anti-Islam group American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and main supporter/sponsor...




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