Dania Mukahhal

Dania Mukahhal
Dania is a graduate from Columbia College Chicago where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design. Dania hopes to utilize her skills in visual communication towards social justice through raising awareness about bigotry and discrimination.

Chicago Media Coverage of the Assault on Gaza is Insulting

It’s no secret that the mainstream American media is biased when it comes to covering the assault on Gaza. On July 7, a few days after the start of the Muslim holy month, Ramadan, Israel began a military offensive called “Operation Protective Edge.” Since then over 1,400 Gazans have been killed and over 8,000 injured. The bombings shook...

President Obama Signs a Bill Easing Student Debt Payments

This past week President Obama has signed a student loan forgiveness bill entitled Pay As You Earn (PAYE), that makes student loans more affordable. The loan borrower now only pays 10 percent of their monthly income in order to prevent borrowers to fall behind on payments.This past week President Obama has signed a student loan forgiveness bill entitled Pay...

President Obama Delays Review on Deportations Until the End of Summer

On Tuesday May 27, President Obama asked the chief of Homeland Security, Leh Johnson, to delay the administrative review of deportations in order to give House Republican leaders to look for a permanent immigration reform.The review of deportations will stop for at least two months, until the end of summer, giving Congress a chance to act upon providing an...




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