Eman Shurbaji

Eman Shurbaji
Eman graduated with a Master’s degree in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She has been published in her city magazine, The Bakersfield Californian; was Features Editor at her campus newspaper; and was an intern with WTTW’s Chicago Tonight.

Chicago’s Foreign-Born Population Moving to Suburbs

Chicago has long been a city of immigrants, and the foreign-born still make up 21 percent of the city’s population. But as Chicago’s and Illinois’- overall population continues to decline, so has the foreign born population, dropping nearly 10 per cent since 2000 to nearly 568,000 people, according to 2014 Census Bureau figures. Despite Chicago’s population dip, the foreign-born population...

Navy Pier Muralist Pete Nawara Focuses on Art for the City He Loves

Pete Nawara may have completed Navy Pier’s 100-foot-long mural only a month ago, but he’s already referred to as the “artist who painted the mural” by many, including colleagues and friends. The mural, which depicts Chicago’s diversity through its “Neighborhood’s of the World” series at the Pier’s Crystal Garden, is Nawara’s biggest commissioned project to date. “I heard through a...

Chicago’s Mother Mosque Celebrates Diverse Ramadan

It’s a scene you’d find in the international terminal at a global airport: men in long, crisp white thobes or jeans and a polo shirt; women in hijab styles ranging from floral turbans to floor-length draping scarves; men, women and children of every hue and profession inquisitively asking each other about destinations and their general lives. Yet this isn’t...

Popular Pita Inn Reopens Skokie Location

Pita Inn, the famous Chicagoland Middle Eastern restaurant establishment, has expanded to meet ever-growing consumer demand. After 33 years at its 3910 Dempster St. location, the restaurant moved 1 mile down the street, 4710 Dempster St., to a brand-new facility. It officially opened June 3. Falah Tabahi, the restaurant’s founder and head, says he owes it all to his...

Chicago Palestinians Parade their Heritage

A wedding, dance troupe and plenty of youth were just some of the highlights of the first-ever Palestinian Heritage Parade in downtown Chicago Saturday. Between 850 and 1000 Palestinians and their supporters congregated to walk among decorative floats and entertainment. The parade took place from noon to 1 pm from Roosevelt Road and Columbus Drive to Columbus and Monroe Street...




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