Marin Scott

Marin Scott

Police vs. the People, Why Van Dyke’s Actions Cannot be Forgiven

This response is meant to put this tragedy in context; a grown, trained police officer shot a child. That act should forever be unforgivable and inexcusable. Van Dyke and all other officers who act out of irrational fear should not be given the benefit of the doubt. Van Dyke murdered McDonald, and his actions should have consequences.

3-D Printed Guns Become a Threat in America

According to Al Jazeera, those in favor of gun control are concerned that the firearms made from 3D printers will be “untraceable, undetectable ‘ghost’ firearms that pose a threat to global security”. Allowing these blueprints to be available on the internet will only make a growing problem worse.

Deadly Monsoons Sweep Through Kerala

Areas of Kerala’s commercial capital, Cochin, are completely submerged, making it nearly impossible for people to evacuate by road or railway. Residents have also reported that the water is “neck deep."

Thousands of Children Sexually Abused by Catholic Priests

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, the Pennsylvania grand jury released a 1,356-page report that shined light on a long-kept secret in the Catholic Church. The report revealed the thousands of children that were sexualized and abused by about 300 priests.

Children and Civilians Killed in Yemen Bus Attack

Dozens of civilians, including 29 children, were killed in a deadly air strike. According to Al Jazeera, the Saudi-UAE military alliance is responsible for the attack on a school bus on Thursday, Aug. 9.

Trump Administration Moves to Cut Aid to Palestine

The Trump administration has hinted to a way of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which includes cutting funding and taking away refugee status from millions of Palestinians.

Fiesta del Sol combines culture and fun in Pilsen

Pilsen saw the 45-annual celebration of Fiesta del Sol. Since 1975, the festival of Latino food, jewelry and music has been the biggest celebration of its kind in the Midwest.

Trump Required to Release Detained Children, End of Month

The unnecessary devastation and lasting trauma of Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy has been another mark on this administration. The policy has been widely criticized, both domestically and abroad. Despite the hope that comes with reuniting these families, the children and their parents will not soon forget the cruel actions of this administration.

Chicago Fights for Family by Taking to the Streets

Trump’s rhetoric seems to support the idea that families immigrating without proper documentation need to be punished for their “selfish” actions. Yet, many of these families are facing war and violence. Waiting for proper documentation is not a viable option for them.

Rohingya Refugee Camps Threatened by Monsoons

After facing persecution and ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, the Rohingya in these camps now face deadly flooding and disease as well. Their camps—built from temporary materials as they were not able to construct permanent housing—were not meant to withstand torrential downpours. According to Al Jazeera, 900 shelters and 200 restrooms have been washed away by the storms.




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