Mary Norkol

Mary Norkol

Protesters Demand Abolishment of ICE, Defunding of Chicago Police

More than 75 people gathered at Chicago’s Thompson Center Thursday afternoon to protest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and call for its abolishment.

Editorials are a Message for the Public, Not Just the President

As the public has progressively begun to understand, credible journalism is more important than ever. Some have even gone so far to call the press the fourth branch of government, holding politicians and society as a whole accountable in trying times. For our leaders to call out any article they find displeasing as “fake news” is putting our fourth branch of government in danger.

Australia Detention Center Crisis Parallels U.S. Immigration Issues

The Australian detention crisis continues to progress, though slightly less blinded by the limelight than the American detention crisis today. Some writers have contributed opinion pieces warning the United States to learn from the Australian catastrophe, but the two are becoming increasingly similar.

Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban 5-4

travel ban
In a landmark decision on presidential power, the Supreme Court upheld President Donald Trump’s travel ban — which forbids immigration from several Muslim-majority nations — on Tuesday.

Trump Signs Executive Order Banning Family Separation, Critics Vocal

Though Trump’s order prohibits border security officials from detaining children separate from their parents, it allows them to be detained together and it’s unclear if families who have already been separated will be reunited. Trump’s critics have been quick to point out these facts.




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