Megan Wadin

Megan Wadin
Megan is a graduate of the University of St Andrews, UK where she studied Human Geography. She volunteers with Heartland Alliance and the Pan African Association’s refugee resettlement programs in Chicago. In the future she hopes to pursue a Graduate Degree in Refugee Studies.

Obama Drone Warfare Playbook Now in Trump Twitter Hands

In 2013, the Obama Administration developed a "Presidential Policy Guidance" (PPG) document addressing the Administration’s policies surrounding drone warfare and targeted attacks. Initially classified, components of the document were released in 2016 following a lawsuit filed by the ACLU. The document codified an American drone policy coordinated almost exclusively at the Executive level. This "drone playbook" builds and expands...

Refugees to the U.S. – Extremely Vetted and Then Abandoned

Across the American political scene, coping with the current global refugee crisis has largely been framed as a matter of national security. This dominance of national security issues has largely overshadowed coverage of refugee resettlement policies and resources, misrepresenting the wider issues of refugee resettlement in the United States.Of the estimated 65.3 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, 21.3...

Facing the Refugee Crisis in Yemen

Twenty months into Yemen’s civil war, the country has suffered over 6,800 deaths, an estimated 2.8 million people have been displaced, and 14.4 million are classified by the UN as ‘food insecure’. The conflict between the Houthi minority group and the Yemeni Government is intensified by the involvement of a U.S. backed, Saudi-led coalition fighting to restore the overthrown...




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