Michal Kranz

Michal Kranz
Michal Kranz studied History and Sociology major at the University of Chicago, with a personal focus on modern Middle Eastern history and geopolitics. Michal writes for several papers in Hyde Park, Chicago like the South Side Weekly in hopes of pursuing journalism professionally after college. In his spare time, Michal enjoys playing guitar in a heavy metal band, writing short stories, and playing historical strategy games.

In Besieged and Starving Madaya, Syria – Assad’s Bargaining Power Grows

Over the course of the last week mounting pressure from Syrian activists, humanitarian aid agencies, and international organizations has successfully focused the world’s attention onto the besieged Syrian town of Madaya northwest of Damascus. Horrific images of starving and dying children in the town have become a symbol of the Syrian regime’s brutality as well as the failure of...

Is the Kurdish Spring Finally Blossoming?

Historically a rather unimportant outpost at the northern terminus of the Mesopotamian plain, the Turkish town of Cizre has drawn the gaze of the international community in recent months as the epicenter of the new conflict between the Turkish government in Ankara and the Kurdish rebels, namely the infamous Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).Following riots and demonstrations in the town...

Black Lives Matter, White Supremacist Liberals, and Black-ifying Bernie Sanders

“Bernie Sanders,” shouted Marissa Johnson from the outdoor rally stage, “Welcome to Seattle.” However, Johnson herself was not welcomed by the Seattle crowd at Sanders’ August 8th rally when she and fellow Black Lives Matter protestor Mara Jacqueline Willaford took the stage and disrupted Sanders’ speech. The protestors’ actions along with the bewilderingly vitriolic response they elicited from Sanders...

Obama’s Criminal Justice Plans: A Response to Ferguson?

Just hours after announcing the historic nuclear deal with Iran on July 14th, President Obama moved to speak about a domestic issue that had been simmering on the back burner for years. He called for far-reaching criminal justice reforms focused on reducing sentences for non-violent offenders and eliminating racial inequities within the system.The president’s ambitious proposal comes after...

Nationalism, Factionalism, and Identity Politics: The 2015 Israeli Election’s Lasting Impact

As the March 17th election results rolled in, the Likud Party and their leader Benjamin Netanyahu celebrated a resounding electoral victory over a left-wing coalition that had only a few days prior been neck-in-neck with his party. The Israeli Right’s place at the top of the political hierarchy had been reconfirmed. This conservative moment of triumph did not last...




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