Milos Markicevic

Milos Markicevic
Milos completed his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Journalism at DePaul University. He is a contributing writer and photographer for the music blog Brooklyn Vegan Chicago.

11 years later, Shaker Aamer still in Guantanamo

Shaker Aamer, a Saudi national, was captured in Afghanistan back in 2001 while engaging in humanitarian work. After he was captured he was tortured in Bagram, and later in Guantanamo, where he was transferred. He has now been imprisoned without charge or trial for 11 years.Initially the US justified Aamer’s capture and imprisonment under the pretense that he was helping...

Comic book author and illustrator shares thoughts on being Muslim, Arab and artist

Chicago Monitor contributor Milos Markicevic interviewed Toufic El-Rassi about his 2008 graphic novel "Arab in America." The semi-autobiographical book chronicles El-Rassi's experiences in America as an Arab immigrant and an American Muslim after 9/11.Read excerpts from the interview below or listen to the full unabridged recorded interview through our SoundCloud.[soundcloud url="" params="" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]Was there a specific...

Women continue to resist driving ban in Saudi

The other week, an interview published on the Saudi website was picked up by numerous Western new sites and reignited interest in the country’s ban on female drivers.The article in question interviewed Sheikh Saleh bin Saad al-Lohaidan, a judicial advisor in an association of Gulf Psychologists. The psychologist stated that women shouldn’t drive since it poses a risk to women’s...




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