Muhammed Al-Ahari

Muhammed Al-Ahari is currently an English Literature and Journalism teacher at the Islamic Foundation School in Villa Park. He has been a teacher for the past 20 years and has Masters in both English Literature and Secondary Education. Currently he is working on a Masters in Islamic Theology at Chicago’s American Islamic College and is finalizing his Doctoral Dissertation in Education Leadership from Arizona’s University of Phoenix. He is also an author with works on Muhammad Alexander Russell Webb, Islam in America, and a collection called Five Muslim Slave Narratives.

The Story of Hajj Ali (Hi Jolly) and the U.S. Camel Cavalry Corp

One Muslim of the pre-twentieth century era not well covered by writers on Islam in America was Haji Ali (Philip Tedro) a Turkish-Greek Muslim (May 17, 1828 – December 16, 1902). He was one of six camel handlers (three Arabs, two Turks, and Haji Ali) in the short-lived U.S. Camel Calvary Corp in 1856. Translators and cooks also came...

The Qur’an as Part of American History

There are several instances of Muslims being at the forefront of early American history. In each of these instances, the Qur’an was a key component of the Muslim witness of American history. Anthony Van Salee was one of the first Muslims to settle in Brooklyn; Job ben Solomon was the subject of the first slave narrative in the United...

Muslim Presidents and Anti-Muslim Presidential Candidates

When Barak Obama was running for the office of president, pundits on the Republican side from Donald Trump to Rush Limbaugh made it a feature of their rhetoric against Obama to call him by his “Muslim name”  Hussein – thus Barak Hussein Obama. When the campaign against him started in 2008, New York Times columnist Kristof found that fully...




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