Saadia Pervaiz

Saadia Pervaiz
Saadia Pervaiz recently graduated from the University of Chicago with a Masters in South Asian History. Her interests are in South Asian diaspora, women's rights, as well as visual and social history.

Digital Body Politic through the Kashmiri Woman

There are other ways to bring attention to humanitarian issues without objectifying the female. By being aware of how antiquated, nationalistic gender-roles permeate our daily lives in the 21st century, we are able to mindfully dismantle them and the divisiveness they bring.

Madame President?

Imagine every major election. Now imagine the people voting for them solely because of personal resemblance. Seems a bit odd, right?

Muslims: They’re Just Like Us!

Let's humanize humans of other faiths even more than we usually do! That should do it! Right?

Millennial Yoga

Since we're always tired, we find the need to squeeze exercise and sleep together. After all, we are the millennial generation.

How to Fix Islamophobia? Look in Your Backyard.

Muslim-Americans are well aware of the anti-black, anti-Latinx, queerphobic, class, sect, and conversion discrimination that are the skeletons in the mainstream communities' closets.


We all forget the little things, sometimes.

We Can’t Talk About Asifa Without Talking About Nationalism

When a man—or a group of men—collectively kidnap, torture, and rape a young eight-year-old girl, their crime is not merely rooted in their depravity. They were using Asifa’s body as a means to assault her cultural identity

It’s 2018

Who else tries to deflect their stress onto other issues? Anyone? Anyone? Just me, then?

Stay Strong Brown Girl

You belong here. Don't let anyone tell you differently.


You know the best way to fix things? Take action and fix them yourself.




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