Sara Abdeljalil

Sara Abdeljalil

DKNY’S Newest Summer Line- Featuring Modesty

DKNY has released its newest summer clothing line targeted specifically for Muslim women in the Middle East.

Pope Francis- Religious Leader and Political Liaison

On May 24th, Pope Francis embarked on a three day trip to Israel and the State of Palestine. While in the West Bank, he made an unexpected stop at the separation wall, or “Apartheid wall”, which separates Palestine and Israel. While at the wall, the Pope touched his head and hand on the wall. Although the act was simple...

JP Morgan now offering interest-free banking

“The literal meaning of interest, or Al-riba as it is used in the Arabic language, is to excess or increase. In Islamic terminology, interest means effortless profit or profit which comes free from compensation or extra earning obtained that is free of exchange." This interest, or riba, specifically applies to the collection of interest on loans. In Islamic law,...

Chicago children rally for change in Syria

On Monday, June 17, children and teens, along with their summer camp counselors from the Muslim American Society (MAS), rallied in Millennium Park to raise awareness about the current situation in Syria. The youth walked through the park chanting, “Freedom for Syria now!”, and "Brick by brick, wall by wall, we will see Assad fall!" With their posters, banners,...




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