Susy Palmer

Susy Palmer
Susy is a graduate of Loyola University in Political science. She hopes to apply her interest in political science and communications in the real-world.

MuslimARC’s #BeingBlackAndMuslim

For Black History Month, the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative @MuslimARC launched the hashtag, #BeingBlackAndMuslim to encourage Twitter users to shed light on the difficulties they encounter, as well as the beauty of being black and Muslim.The project quickly gained widespread attention; more than 7000 tweets were registered under the hashtag. Users reported instances where they were met with aggression from other...

Oscar-Nominated “Dirty Wars” Demands Discussion on Drones

Jeremy Scahill’s Oscar nominated documentary “Dirty Wars,” began a discussion on covert operations that mainstream media failed to report. With Oscar night looming, critics have focused too much on the film's aesthetics and skipped over the much deeper moral implications the film explores."Dirty Wars" is an apt title for this purportedly clean war.The film itself, which has been called “the skunk at the Oscar party”...

Generations of Racial Profiling

January 30th is Fred Korematsu Day, which calls to mind a part of United States history that is too often forgotten. In February 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, which stripped Japanese-Americans of their $2.7 billion net income, their dignity, as well as their constitutional freedom in the United States by forcing them into internment camps....




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