Zareen Abassi

Zareen Abassi

Textbooks in a Democracy: Reflecting Cultural Bias or Reason?

Strong Democracies don’t feed off faith, they feed off reason. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time, be a fly on the wall, and observe all the teachers I ever had teaching me ideas about the world and about people. My sister is a sophomore at the University of Illinois. The other day she shared a passage from her...

The Two Shadows of Muslim Millenials

In the midst of refreshing my Twitter feed earlier this week, I came across a tweet that read “Islamic law is more flexible than many imagine, while Islamic spirituality is more strict than many imagine.” It was tweeted by Omer Mozaffar. I read and reread; I was puzzled by it. Puzzled by how true it was and how I...

Challenging Abuse in Muslim Communities

“Someone you would least expect” are so often the words that accompany the tale of a heinous crime. In wake of the tragic Chapel Hill Shootings, the Muslim community is in the public lens again under far different circumstances here on our home turf. Mohammad Abdullah Saleem, the Imam and founder of the Institute of Islamic Education in Elgin,...




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