Zarina Wong

Zarina Wong
Zarina Wong is studying at University of California Los Angeles in the fall where she plans on studying Mathematics for Teaching with a minor in Music Industry. In the past, Zarina has spent her time volunteering at the Sue Duncan Center tutoring children ages 5-13 and coaching music camps with the Peninsula Youth Orchestra. She wishes to pursue a career in teaching mathematics while fostering her passion of music and social activism.

Is Chicago Really a Green City?

Recycling isn’t too hard when you think about it. Reduce, reuse and recycle have simple rules that we can all follow. Food waste goes in the compost, paper and plastic are placed in recycling and unusable waste is placed in the trash. But if it’s not so hard, why do some states recycle more than others? California’s dedication to...

My Experience of Real Inter-Faith Work

Unlike many others, I would proudly say I loved my high school experience. This might confuse people when they realize that I am Muslim and I went to a Catholic school. But I didn’t just go to any Catholic school, I went to St. Ignatius College Prep, a Jesuit high school nestled in the Sunset District of liberal San...




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