In Peachment

Are peaches still in season? Perhaps they might be...

Silence of the Plants

A woman sits on a couch wrapped in a blanket with a cat at her side, her apartment filled with plants. Her phone, on the coffee table in front of her, is on speakerphone. From it comes a voice asking about how the woman will discuss work, a career, the future, and bills to be paid without a roommate. The caption reads "silence of the plants."
Ever wonder why millennials are filling their houses with plants?

Pumpkin Spice

I like Pumpkin Spice! Let me enjoy Fall in peace, please.

Madame President?

Imagine every major election. Now imagine the people voting for them solely because of personal resemblance. Seems a bit odd, right?

Muslims: They’re Just Like Us!

Let's humanize humans of other faiths even more than we usually do! That should do it! Right?

Millennial Yoga

Since we're always tired, we find the need to squeeze exercise and sleep together. After all, we are the millennial generation.


We all forget the little things, sometimes.

It’s 2018

Who else tries to deflect their stress onto other issues? Anyone? Anyone? Just me, then?

Stay Strong Brown Girl

You belong here. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

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