A Strike for Students: A Timeline

Last week, The Chicago Teachers Union voted to ratify the new five-year-contract with the Chicago Board of Education, officially ending discussions following the historic strike. The Chicago Monitor compiled a visualization of the landmark events leading up to ratification.

PHOTOS: The 2019 Chicago teachers strike

CHICAGO — Thousands of Chicago teachers and their supporters formed picket lines across the city early Thursday morning, kicking off the first teachers union strike since 2012. Pickets began as early as 6:30 A.M. outside...

Chicago Filmmaker Traces Parents’ Immigrant Roots in Upcoming Documentary

CHICAGO - The daughter of Mexican and Palestinian immigrants, Pilsen filmmaker Colette Ghunim is passionate about utilizing documentary to shed light on the immigrant experience and to combat dominant narratives in the media. Ghunim’s...

7 Must-See Films at Chicago International Film Festival

With the 55th Annual Chicago International Film Festival less than three weeks away, narrowing down its program of 132 feature-films is daunting to say the least. After speaking with members of the programming team, we’ve compiled a list of (what we believe to be) essential feature films to see during the festival’s run.

Criminal Justice Reform in the Age of Mass Incarceration: An Open Letter to Illinois State Legislators

On a basic level, the criminal justice system is overpopulated, leading to incredibly inhumane living conditions for prisoners. More troubling though, the system itself amplifies the existing racism and sexism present in American society at large.

Muslim Student Associations: Fostering Community and Promoting Activism

Young people find activist centers on, in, and around collegiate institutions, and this is what allows such powerful movements to take root. Safe spaces--and the community organizations that provide them--are vital to the legacy of activism in the United States. Muslim students are no strangers to this concept--the first Muslim Student Association (MSA) was founded in 1963 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with the same intentions.

DePaul Students with Halal Diet Worry about Lack of Transparency from Dining Hall

Hawraa Faisal took to the DePaul Class of 2022 group Facebook page on April 7 to warn students of her fear that “the chicken being served in the dining hall is no longer halal.” This came after a week of troubling experiences with Chartwells employees, she said.

Bigotry Behind Bars

It’s our job as individuals that have knowledge of this issue to conquer those stereotypical beliefs by spreading awareness. Stories of individuals like Brothers Nasir, Hamilton, and Navarro prove that incarceration is a Muslim issue. Educate yourself by listening to stories like theirs and find a way to organize events to build awareness. The numerous barriers Muslim inmates face in an attempt to ask for help should only encourage us to fight the system even more. When will we finally realize that a problem that affects part of our humanity is a problem to us all.

Protesters Demand Abolishment of ICE, Defunding of Chicago Police

More than 75 people gathered at Chicago’s Thompson Center Thursday afternoon to protest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and call for its abolishment.