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The Way to End Police Crime is Community Control

The only thing new in the office of Police Monitor, proposed Tuesday by Alderperson Leslie Hairston to replace the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA), is that the Mayor would not appoint the Monitor. Instead...

Community Control of the Police is the Answer to Mayor Emanuel’s Selection Process

By Frank Chapman and Aislinn Pulley Recently ten members of the Black Caucus of the Chicago City Council challenged Mayor Emanuel on his nomination/selection process for appointing a Superintendent of Police. Here is our response...

Chicago Teachers Who Occupied Bank of America Branch Get Day in Court

On Friday, twelve members of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) who occupied the lobby of the Loop Bank of America building had their first appearance in court after their arrest. About one month ago...

Thousands of Non-Violent Chicago Protestors Shut Down Trump Rally

There were about 3000 protestors outside the Trump rally in Chicago last night and about 1000 inside. While waiting for the never-to-appear Trump, small groups of protesters would chant or verbally spar with those...

Peace Activists Announce SEC Approves Resolution for Boeing Stockholders’ Meeting

Boeing has been a target of the global movement to Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) Israel for many years as its weapons were used in Israel’s military attack against the Gaza Strip in 2008-09,  during...

Chicago Teachers Union & Supporters March and Occupy Bank of America for Fair Contract

More than three thousand teachers, staff, parents, students, and their supporters marched in Chicago yesterday for a fair contract for the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU). The protest was in response to the threat of...

CTU Rejects CPS Contract Offer That Increased Public Schools Instability

Yesterday, the forty member CTU contract negotiating team unanimously rejected a CPS contract offer proposed that would have added not only more fiscal instability to Chicago's public school system, but also to the classroom...

U.S. Department of Justice: The Clock Is Ticking on Police Crime in Chicago

The United States Department of Justice has opened its investigation of the Chicago Police Department, focusing on "...CPD's use of force, including racial, ethnic and other disparities in their use of force, and its...

Little Village Community Fights CPS School Co-Location Plan

Without Little Village community input, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's appointed CPS School Board has developed a plan to co-locate John Spry Community High School with Saucedo Academy and Telpochcalli Elementary School. As many of the...

Best “De-Escalation Tactic” Would Be Community Control of the Chicago Police

A Rev. Marshall Hatch from Chicago was just on CNN news saying we have a problem of confidence regarding how our communities are policed. But not one word uttered about the fact that we as...

Chicago Youth Lead 500 Demanding Rahm Emanuel Ouster

Yesterday Chicago youth activists from groups like Fearless Leading by Youth (FLY) and from high schools around the city lead 500 protestors from Daley Plaza to City Hall to Michigan Avenue demanding the ouster...

Why is the Demand for Community Control of the Chicago Police Being Ignored?

On December 10, 2015 International Human Rights Day, over 500 people rallied and marched in Chicago, demanding an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) - meaning true community control of the Chicago Police Department...



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