Julia Asfour

Growing up in Chicago, Julia Asfour has worked with numerous communities. While interning at a senator’s office, she has coordinated and led events and activities for various communities. Julia has spent her time consulting individual constituents and registering community complaints while interning for a state representative. In high school, Julia led the Students for Humanitarian Club. She conducted projects that provide aid to children in Chicago and to refugees in Syria. Growing up as a Palestinian, Julia has always felt a close connection to Middle Eastern politics. She has volunteered with multiple Arab organization that promote awareness about the current situations occurring in the Middle East. Currently, Julia is a sophomore at Tufts University pursuing a major in Community Health and a minor in Colonialism Studies. By interning at CAIR-Chicago, Julia plans to participate in outreach programs designated to assess and ensure community well-being. She hopes to strength the voice of the vulnerable Muslim population in Chicago, and hopes to build bridges between the Muslim community and surrounding communities.



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