Renner Larson

Renner Larson

Open Letter to Mayor Emanuel: Stand Up for Chicago Yemeni Americans

The Honorable Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of the City of Chicago 121 N LaSalle Street |
Chicago City Hall 4th Floor | Chicago, IL 60602Dear Mayor Emanuel,Congratulations on your recent re-election. Under your leadership the City of Chicago will continue to prove itself on the world stage. We are, more than ever, a global city, but that status comes with global responsibilities.As our...

Muslim & Japanese American Youth Engage History of Japanese Internment

In the spring of 1942 thousands of Japanese Americans were forcibly relocated from their homes along the west coast of the United States to internment camps across the country. It is a page so often forgotten in one of the most glorified chapters of American history, but it is one that we as Americans must never forget. Following the...

Chapel Hill Shooting: “American” Shouldn’t Come with Qualifiers

Tuesday night our nation lost three innocent lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The murders of Deah Barakat, 23, Yusor Abu-Salha, 21, and Razan Abu-Salha, 19, are still under investigation and though police have yet to make an official determination it is speculated by many that the faith of the three Muslim victims contributed, at least in part, to...

New Year’s Resolutions for American Muslims

New Year’s Resolutions are hard to make and even harder to keep. As we reflect on past successes (or failures) and prepare for the new year, I think it is very important to go beyond developing resolutions that we have for ourselves individually and define what our expectations are for the American Muslim community in 2015 and in the...

Framing Islam

Reporters hungered to cover Monday's gripping standoff and continued to feast after the situation ended and #illridewith you became the talk of the town, but whether about the horror of a terrorist or the compassion of those who stood by innocent Muslims, these stories illustrate a dangerous flaw in how we define objectivity. The meaning of a picture is changed drastically by how you frame it.

$4 Billion was spent on Election 2014! How much is that anyway?

In campaigning for today's election nearly $4 billion dollars has been spent on the 2014 mid-term elections. Thant's more than any other midterm in history, but how much is 4 billion anyway? Such big numbers are hard to visualize out of context. Well here is a bit of perspective...

Local Film Turns Camera On Surveillance

Debates have erupted across the United States about the surveillance practices of various government agencies. The privacy American citizens once took for granted is now being questioned, but for some, uncertain privacy is decades old.In Bridgeview and Justice, Illinois, members of the Arab-American community have lived under surveillance for nearly twenty years. Assia Boundaoui grew up there. An award-¬winning...




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