Larry Redmond

Larry Redmond is General Counsel for the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (CAARPR). He is a past candidate for Mayor of the City of Chicago for the Harold Washington Party, past candidate for the office of Cook County State's Attorney for the Harold Washington Party, and past candidate for Governor of Illinois for the Reform Party.

Rahm Emanuel’s Shell Game on Police Reform

You would think that Rahm Emanuel would learn. You would think that the furor raging in the streets of Chicago daily would be enough for him to realize that business as usual is not the order of the day. You would think that maybe, just maybe, he would listen to what the people are saying. But no such luck. This...

Mayor Emanuel’s “Community Input” into Policing is a Joke

On Friday, July 22, 2016, Mayor Rahm Emanuel issued a press release entitled “City Officials and Community Groups Move Forward on Next Steps for Police Accountability Reform.” In typical Emanuel fashion, the sentiment expressed in that release was a joke.The press release stated “While community groups drive this important process forward, it is essential for the city to take...

Respect of the Chicago Police is Earned Not Awarded

Last Tuesday, Dean Angelo Sr., President of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), “decried an unprecedented ‘level of disrespect’ faced by officers on the street,” according to an article in that day’s Chicago Tribune. The article went on to quote Angelo, "We've limited the officers' ability to put people on the wall . . ." referring to what...

Chicago’s Plan for Police Reform is Clear: There Will Be None

The release of the Laquan McDonald video and the ensuing cover-up by the city of Chicago have revealed a part of the sordid political workings of the Rahm Emmanuel administration. In his attempt to maintain the status quo, Rahm ignored the recommendations of the Police Board he appointed, and installed Eddie Johnson as the Superintendent of Police, the same...

Chicago’s Reliance on Department of Justice for Police Reform is Misguided

In the wake of the release of the Laquan McDonald video and the ensuing unrest in the city of Chicago, the Department of Justice (DOJ) launched an investigation last December into the practices of the Chicago Police Department (CPD). Several alternatives have been suggested to fix the problems with the CPD, but ever since the DOJ’s investigation started, a...

Rebuttal to Mayor Rahm Emanuel Proposal for Police Accountability

On May 13, 2016, Mayor Rahm Emanuel issued an opinion stating that the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) would be abolished, and that he was going to oversee the drafting of a new ordinance to tackle the issue of police accountability. He added, "The framework for the new structure was outlined in the Task Force's reforms and is driven...




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